Note 1. Accounting policies for the consolidated financial statements
Note 2. Segment information
Note 3. Business acquisitions and assets disposed of
Note 4. Other operating income and other operating expenses
Note 5. Non-recurring items
Note 6. Employee benefit expense, management compensation and number of personnel
Note 7. Finance income and costs
Note 8. Income tax
Note 9. Components of other comprehensive income
Note 10. Earnings per share
Note 11. Property, plant and equipment
Note 12. Intangible assets
Note 13. Equity accounted investments
Note 14. Non-current receivables
Note 15. Finance lease receivables
Note 16. Deferred tax
Note 17. Pension assets
Note 18. Inventories
Note 19. Trade and other current receivables
Note 20. Current available-for-sale financial asset
Note 21. Non-current assets classified as held for sale and related liabilities
Note 22. Shareholders' equity
Note 23. Carrying amounts of financial assets and liabilities by category
Note 24. Finance lease liabilities
Note 25. Provisions
Note 26. Trade payables and other current non-interest-bearing liabilities
Note 27. Jointly controlled assets
Note 28. Commitments
Note 29. Operating leases
Note 30. Share-based payment
Note 31. Notes related to the statement of cash flows
Note 32. Financial risk management
Note 33. Related party transactions
Note 34. Legal disputes and possible legal proceedings
Note 35. Other notes
Note 36. Group composition
Note 37. Subsidiaries, equity accounted investments and proportionately consolidated mutual real estate companies as at 31 Dec. 2015