Note 36. Group composition
Group composition
Kesko Group has 101 (117) subsidiaries. The Group has the majority of voting rights in all companies. Kesko Group's sub-group, Senukai, has a material non-controlling interest (see section Material non-controlling interest).
Information about the Group composition as at the balance sheet date:
Division Country of
Most significant subsidiaries Number of wholly-owned subsidiaries 2015 Number of wholly-owned subsidiaries 2014 Number of partly-owned subsidiaries 2015 Number of partly-owned subsidiaries 2014
Grocery trade Finland, Russia Kesko Food Ltd,
K-citymarket Oy, Kespro Ltd
26 28 - -
Home improvement
and speciality
goods trade
Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus Rautakesko Ltd with its subsidiaries Indoor Group Ltd, Intersport Ltd, Konekesko Ltd 49 60 7 7
Car trade Finland VV-Auto Group Oy 5 5 - -
Others Finland, Estonia 10 11 - 1
In addition, the Group has partly owned mutual real estate companies. The Group's subsidiaries, equity-accounted investments and mutual real estate companies consolidated using the proportionate method are listed in note 37.
Material non-controlling interest
Senukai Group, which is part of Kesko Group, has a material non-controlling interest. The sub-group's parent, UAB Senuku Prekybos, is a subsidiary of Rautakesko Ltd and it is domiciled in Vilnius, Lithuania. Kesko Group's ownership interest in Senukai Group is 50.0% increased by one share (50.0% increased by one share). Kesko Group has the right to nominate the majority of Board members and the Board Chair. The Board controls the company's operational activities and makes decisions on the use of resources. The share of non-controlling interests of the profit of Senukai Group was €15.7 million (€12.4 million) and in equity, the share was €78.6 million (€79.5 million).
Summarised financial information on subsidiary with material non-controlling interest
€ million Senukai
Current assets 167.3 166.1
Non-current assets 29.6 37.8
Current liabilities 75.1 80.5
Non-current liabilities 0.3 0.2
Net sales 437.0 436.0
Profit/loss 23.1 19.0
Parent company owners' share of profit/loss 7.3 6.6
Non-controlling interests' share of profit/loss 15.7 12.4
Comprehensive income for the period 9.0 21.0
Parent company owners' share of comprehensive income for the period 4.0 7.4
Non-controlling interests' share of comprehensive income for the period 4.9 13.6
Dividends paid to non-controlling interests 5.9 4.9
Net cash generated from operating activities 27.1 15.9
Net cash used in investing activities -5.1 -13.9
Net cash used in financing activities -12.7 -6.9
The amounts above are before intra-Group eliminations.