responsibility management in day-to-day activities

Corporate responsibility work at Kesko is integrated into day-to-day activities.

Corporate responsibility work is based on Kesko's value, vision and mission. Corporate responsibility work is guided by Kesko’s general corporate responsibility principles, the guide 'Our Responsible Working Principles' and Kesko’s purchasing principles.

Kesko’s responsibility path



The customer and quality – in everything we do


We are the customer’s choice and the quality leader in the European trading sector


We create welfare responsibly for all our stakeholders and the whole society

General operating principles guiding responsibility

Kesko’s Group Management Board has approved the Group’s general principles of corporate responsibility. These principles define the basic economic, social and environmental responsibility promises.

Kesko’s commitments to international declarations and conventions are also included in the principles. The most important principles are:

  • The UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child
  • The ILO convention on the Fundamental Rights and Principles at Work
  • The OECD Guidelines for Multinational Corporations
  • The ICC Business Charter for Sustainable Development and principles against corruption and bribery
  • The UN Global Compact initiative
  • The purchasing principles of the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI)

Kesko has taken account of the ISO 26000 standard as a source document offering guidelines for corporate responsibility.

Kesko uses the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) G4 guidelines and the IIRC (International Integrated Reporting Council) <IR> Framework as its reporting principles.







Kesko participates in the UN Global Compact initiative and is committed to observing ten generally accepted principles concerning human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption in all of its operating countries.

Mikko Helander
President and CEO

Corporate responsibility organisation in Kesko

Corporate responsibility at Kesko is integrated into day-to-day activities. The management of each business division is responsible for practical implementation. Kesko’s Board of Directors and Group Management Board discuss reporting and key principles. The Group’s Corporate Responsibility Unit, assisted by steering groups, is responsible for development, coordination and reporting. The corporate responsibility function is managed by the Senior Vice President responsible for corporate responsibility, communications and stakeholder relations, as well as brand and marketing management and development, who is a member of Kesko’s Group Management Board.

Corporate responsibility advisory board

the Vice President for corporate responsibility (Ch.), division representatives, Group representatives

  • develops the principles that guide the Group’s corporate responsibility
  • steers and coordinates practical measures
  • sets the objectives for corporate responsibility work and monitors and, as necessary,
    supports their achievement
Environmental steering group

the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Unit (Ch.), divisions’ specialist representatives

  • develops the Group’s environmental management
  • promotes the sharing of best practices within the Group
  • keeps up with changes in legislation pertaining to environmental responsibility
Steering group for responsible purchasing

the Group’s Corporate Responsibility Unit (Ch.), divisions’ specialist representatives

  • develops the Group’s responsible purchasing procedures
  • promotes the sharing of best purchasing practices within the Group
  • keeps up with changes in legislation pertaining to purchasing and sourcing
Steering group for local responsibility in operating countries

the Vice President for corporate responsibility (Ch.), representatives of local subsidiaries in operating countries (other than Finland)

  • steers the implementation of the responsibility programme in the other operating countries
  • develops local additions to the responsibility programme
  • promotes the sharing of best practices within the Group
Division-specific responsibility steering groups

are, based on the objectives set by the Group-level steering groups, responsible for:

  • determining their own responsibility objectives
  • implementing them in accordance with the specific characteristics and strategies of their respective divisions
HR management board

the Senior Vice President for HR (Ch.), divisions’ representatives, Group representatives

  • prepares the Group’s HR strategy and common HR policy definitions
  • sets the common objectives for the HR function and guides and coordinates the achievement of the objectives of HR operations and practical implementations
  • guides the development of HR processes and services and monitors the quality and efficiency of HR processes and services

Corporate responsibility steering in Kesko